What We Do

Breeders, Growers, Merchants & Exporters. Marketing agents for Harlequin & Claret, two superb seed varieties from the world renowned James Hutton Institute.

Professional dedicated supplier group with access to all major seed varieties. Joint venture with Produce World – Solanum Ltd. Suppliers of seed and ware to all sectors within the Potato Industry.

Privately owned with a professional approach to all customer and supplier needs.


Successful in the production of new varieties that have high taste profile, performance and versatility. We have an investment programme for continual introduction of new varieties providing for all types of customers from multi-nationals to individual growers.



We contract grow in excess of 200 hectares of seed with selected growers and buy a further 250ha of production from our dedicated growers. In order to achieve full satisfaction in the supply chain we encourage transparency between our suppliers and customers.



SPL is the consistent link in the movement of seed and ware potatoes. We have the experience and ability to provide successful and competitive business and are fully dedicated to our suppliers and customers.



We have an ever expanding association with countries both within the EU and beyond.  We have very strong business relationships with Egypt, Cyprus, North Africa, Spain and Sweden and we are commited to sourcing and exporting the highest quality seed and ware potatoes.


Mini Tubers Production

We have our own Scottish government approved pre-basic tissue micro propagation unit for the production of pre-basic TC seed. As such we undergo a thorough inspection of our production facilities by SASA where each growing crop is visited twice by Government inspectors who also check over the resulting mini tubers before despatch. This ensures that the growers are supplied with seed of the highest quality.

We have capacity for the production of 150,000 mini tubers anually for customers and ourselves as part of our vertically integrated strategy. We produce new varieties and can reintroduce inactive varieties, whatever our customer requirements are.